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Pat Noonan

Director of Early Education Center

Pat Noonan serves as our Director of the Early Education Center. She is a native of Brooklyn, NY but has lived most of her adult life in Jacksonville, FL. Pat is the proud mother of four children and five wonderful grandchildren.

Pat graduated from the University of Southern Illinois with a Bachelor of Science degree in Early Education and Human Resources. This prepared her well to join Wonderworks which we today refer to as our Early Education Center. She began working at our “Wonderworks” as a Resource Teacher in 1987 before being asked to become its Director.

In January of 2014, the Wonderworks program, which was a part-time “Mother’s Day Out” program felt the impact of the economic slowdown. With fewer stay-at-home moms and more working mothers, Wonderworks was no longer a financially viable program and lost $30,000 in 2013. In order to save the program, Pat transitioned the program to a full time, year round “Early Education Center” and transformed the program overnight to a financially viable program. Within two years she had nearly doubled the enrollment and was working with the Board of Trustees to make significant improvements to the facility which she previously did not have the resources to make. Shortly thereafter, she tremendously blessed our church family with the hiring of a professional chef which our church family currently shares with the Early Education Center.

After 35 years of Pat’s leadership, the program is thriving and has a wonderful reputation in our community for excellence in education, Christian foundation and the loving care they provide the children who are a part of the program. She is responsible for the overall daily operation of the program and oversight of the teachers and volunteers who love the children in our Early Education Center. It is Pat’s goal for the Early Education Center to be a second home for every child who attends.

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